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New Home! and New Listing!

After dreaming about it for some years, our family has just acquired the lovely 783 Timber Lake property and have today also released it for rental! We are looking forward to many years of enjoyment and welcoming many, many guests -- perhaps you! -- into our home.

Our kids grew up on skis and we have skied many of the most notable places in the West over the years (plus some Eastern ones; our daughter was on a college ski team out East). We rank Park City and (what was) Big Mountain pretty high, but have come to like Winter Park (and Mary Jane) the most. We think the annual lift tickets at WP are the best deal in skiing and have found the people and slopes here to be the best.

After years of mooching off friends, we began to think about getting a place of our own. We'd love to see our children teach their children at a young age. And, we'd love to be there -- winter and summer -- as everyone grows older.

In years past we have tended to stay at the other end of the Valley in what is known as the Innsbruck area near Sol Vista (Granby). That area has some great views and is very much dominated by single-family homes.

But, after looking at nearly 50 properties up and down the Valley, we decided to be closer to the Town of Winter Park and the resort. We love the setting of the Timber Lake properties with its privacy, views and serenity, We also were much taken with the open floor plan and light of our townhome.

We want to use this Web site to talk about what we discover and amazes us about the Fraser Valley. Besides talking a bit about the home and letting you know what is happening with it, we also hope to assemble a great source of links and information for everything "Grand County".

So, enjoy! And, we hope to have an opportunity to meet you in Winter Park sometime soon.