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Rental Conditions


Total inclusive fees for renting 783 Timber Lake include:

  • Applicable daily or weekly rental charges
  • $160 per stay cleaning fee
  • 8.9% state, county, local sales tax with Winter Park accommodation tax.

In addition, there is a fully refundable $500 security (damage) deposit, which is returned in full within 14 days of rental end should all renter conditions (see next) be met. Alternatively, guests may choose to pay $59 for a non-refundable renter protection policy.

Optional fees may include increased housekeeping service, rental by larger groups, or other considerations requested and agreed to in advance.

Fees for cancellation within 30 days of rental date or for shortened stays may apply.

For specifics on all fees, see the Guest (Renter's) Agreement.

Renter Conditions

Rental conditions are spelled out in the Guest (Renter's) Agreement. In addition, there are some checklists provided on the premises to be followed at check-out time. Fulfillment of these conditions ensures full return of the security deposit.